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ALIARSE conducts research activities to standardize national and international good practices for the design and management of PPPDs, with the purpose of disseminating them by way of publications, training programs, and implementing them within the PPPDs it facilitates.

Promoting good practices for the design and management of PPPDs contributes to reducing the learning curve and increasing the effectiveness of the thousands of people and organizations participating in cross-sectional initiatives for development.

To whom?

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Case studies and standardization of good practices for the design and management of PPPDs.

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How many?

ALIARSE has carried out over 10 international research consultancies.


Some of the major activities are:

Promoting and Evaluating PPPD Category, AMCHAM Award for Social Responsibility in Action.


AMCHAM Costa Rica.

Drafting proposal for the Presidential Executive Decree for the promotion of Public-Private Partnerships for Development within the public sector.

Executive Decree 1040 - 2016.

Solís Rivera Administration.

Mainstreaming the topic of PPPDs within the curricula for public management.


University of Costa Rica, School of Public Management.

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